Hospitality Marketing & Sales with Coop (Certificate)

This program is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in marketing and sales within the hospitality industry. A selection of courses over 12 weeks gives students an understanding of some of the administrative needs of a company in the hospitality industry and will give students the tools necessary to succeed in the field and a 12-week co-op provides valuable work experience in the field.


  • Canadian College Hospitality Marketing & Sales Certificate
  • AH&LA Hospitality Marketing & Sales Certificate


  • High School Diploma, High School Completion Certificate, or equivalent.
  • Students must meet one of the following language requirements: Canadian College English Placement test 125; Smrt English 125; IELTS 5.0 overall with a minimum score of 4.5 in each section; TOEFL iBT 45; CAEL 40.
  • Meet your English requirement by studying on campus at the Canadian College of English Language.

Start dates:

2021: Jan 04 Apr 05 Jul 05 Oct 04
2022: Jan 04 Apr 04 Jul 04 Oct 03
26 Weeks (600 Hours, 6 months)
3 months work experience
AH&LA Certificate
*This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.
Semester 1


12 weeks

Semester 2


12 weeks

Note: Each Semester is 12 weeks long, and there is a 1-week holiday after each semester.


As students return to their home country, the combination of a Western Canadian Diploma and Co-op is not only a competitive advantage, but also allows students the opportunity to understand and experience the cultural and business nuances that can only be gained from a prolonged hands-on experience.

Co-op 有薪實習

The Co-op is an integral component of the Hospitality Marketing and Sales Certificate program with Co-op as it provides students with essential real-world work experience in a Canadian English speaking business environment. The Co-op is designed to provide the students with one semester of solid studies in their initial entry to the college. This is to effectively arm them with soft skill tools necessary for a quality three months (300 Hours) Co-op with a Canadian organization.


The hospitality industry is a rapidly growing market and job opportunities, as well as salaries, are steadily increasing in all sectors of this service-oriented field. Students learn the knowledge and skills that industry professionals have identified as important for on-the-job success. Completion of Canadian College Hospitality Management Certificate with Co-op usually gain employment at the skilled entry-level positions from which progress can be made to management positions.

  • Hotel
  • Food Services
  • Tourism
  • Event Management
  • Club and Resort Management


COMM 140 - Communications 商業溝通概論


HOSP 250 - Supervision in the Hospitality Industry 飯店產業監督

AH&LA 課程:課程旨在向學生介紹有效溝通,監督職責,員工訓練和培訓,管理生產力和控制人力成本,評估和指導,培訓,特殊監督,組成團隊和透過領導力去激勵員工,管理衝突,時間管理和改變管理。

HOSP 261 Basic Hotel Accounting 基礎飯店會計

AH&LA 課程:為了解飯店會計概念和程序,飯店財務數據的處理以及會計週期中產生財務報表的財務信息提供基礎。

HOSP 374 - Revenue Management 收入管理

AH&LA 課程:課程將使學生對收入管理過程有基本的了解。 它論述了收入管理在飯店運營中的正確使用和重要性,並描述了有效使用收入管理必須考慮的廣泛要素。

HOSP 472 - Hospitality Sales & Marketing 飯店銷售和行銷

AH&LA 課程:在當今競爭激烈的飯店市場中,必須了解市場行銷和銷售知識。課程旨在為學生提飯店銷售和市場行銷背景。 課程重點是講述目標市場銷售的實用銷售技巧。

HOSP 478 - Convention Management 會議管理

AH&LA 課程:定義會議和團體業務市場的範圍和細分,描述吸引特定需求市場的行銷和銷售策略,並說明會議上和會議服務要求所需的技術。


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